I wanted to take a quick moment out of my busy day to recognize the team you sent over to finish the Office Trailer installation.  They were all very professional, courteous, and safety conscientious.  These are exactly the type of people we like to do business with.

I will let my procurement department know how good of a job your team did.

Thanks again,

Michael Grenon
Financial Leader, Eagle Valley CCGT


- professional set crew
Eagle Valley CCGT IPL

City inspections were completed Thursday, according to Superintendent Dr. Steve Weinhold.
"They're looking very good, awesome," he said Thursday.


Dr. Steve Weinhold

Superintendent - Union School District

- Dr. Steve Weinhold
They're looking very good, awesome


I want you and EVERYONE to know that Leroy is AWESOME!!!!!!!

He not only replaced the toilet but he found the issue and I think he was even able to correct it!!

AND…this is the BIGGEST, HE FIXED MY HEAT!  I can NOT stand being cold, it makes me tired and my brain and body SCREAMS…GO TO BED! That isn't very favorable during the work day…without my electric blanket! The Misery he helped me avoid day in and day out (during the cold weather) is absolutely endless. 

So, to sum it all up…Thank you for sending him!! He also repaired a light that wasn't working. LOL and we didn't even ask him to do it!

Have a Great and Safe Weekend!

Julie Cook - Nestle

- Julie Cook - Nestle
Leroy, Tyson Onsite Service

Trailer looks great!  Very clean and updated; feels like a brand new trailer.  Thanks again

Brian Zeronik - Pepper Construction of Indiana

- Brian Zeronik - Pepper Construction
Trailer looks great!

I wanted to pass along good comments about the two gentlemen who were sent out yesterday to pick up the office furniture. Seems like now days you only hear something negative regarding customer service or comments in general. They were both very professional in what they did and took care of moving the furniture and thinking out a plan to load the desks rather than just rushing in and getting the job done. Their actions were that of if it was their own furniture and took great care of setting up the truck and equipment for ease of loading and loading/securing the desks for transport. I have over a dozen household moves after almost 18 years of Active Duty military service and have seen the "good, bad and ugly" of movers. The two from yesterday were definitely at the peak of the "good" of what I have seen. Kudo's to you and your team.

Thank you,

Scott Hauk - Kiewit
Materials Coordinator III
IPL ECCP Project

- Scott Hauk - Kiewit
Great movers

I wanted to drop a note to you to thank you and your crew for their work on the units that we have here at Marine.  They did a great job and the units look great.

Donald Burchett  - Marathon Petroleum

- Donald Burchett - Marathon Petroleum
The units look great

Bill picked up the unit today and as my past experience with your company, did a quick efficient job and provided the utmost professional courtesy.


Mark Butler - Meyer-Najem

- Mark Butler - Meyer-Najem
Bill did a great job

When I work with Tyson Onsite, I know that the IT support and service are always top notch…you always allow me to question processes and help walk me through any difficulties.

On a scale of one to 10, 10 being very good…..Tyson gets a 10!

This [score] would be true even for the delivery tech's and equipment/office furniture. 

Even in dyer situations, everyone from Tyson is quickly available to us. That is a big plus.

Pearl A Cheek
Ellas Construction Company Inc.

- Pearl A Cheek
IT support and service