Modular Buildings

Modular Building Solutions

Since 1967, Tyson Onsite has been a leader in providing both new and pre-owned modular buildings to customers throughout the Midwest.  We maintain the largest inventory of modular buildings in the Midwest and have building available to meet almost any possible need.  Our extensive inventory of modular buildings can satisfy almost any use imaginable, and perhaps some that have never before been thought possible with modular products. 

We have the unique ability to construct, modify, and enhance a building in our over 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.  This proprietary ability allows us to develop the exact solution to meet your needs in a quick and efficient manner.  We also maintain our own service and set-up personnel to allow us to provide the fastest, safest, and highest quality service along with our buildings.

Our modular construction creates a temporary or permanent building solution using modules that are pre-manufactured and assembled on your site.  Modular construction is becoming a popular building choice as it provides a faster, more cost-effective solution than traditional construction.

Tyson Onsite temporary buildings are  manufactured and  pre-assembled modular buildings constructed in a factory using a modular construction process.  Temporary buildings are designed to comply with all applicable state codes and can be reused by disassembling and transporting to other building sites for a secondary use.

Permanent modular buildings are prefabricated single or multi-story buildings that are constructed in a factory and assembled on site.  Permanent buildings can be constructed of wood, steel, or concrete and offer a wide variety of interior options.  Permanent modular buildings are a sustainable construction method that offer a more cost effective solution and quicker completion time than the traditional construction method.