Portable & Permanent Classroom Solutions

Educational space due to expanding class size is a significant challenge throughout many schools systems today.  Increasing enrollment, changing demographics, and aging buildings are problems that portable modular classrooms or permanent modular educational structures can solve.  Tyson Onsite offers a variety of classroom options to support all areas of the education market including everything from preschools to high schools to colleges to technical institutes.

Portable classrooms

Portable classrooms offer fast and easy solutions to your educational space needs.  Classrooms can be added or removed based on the changing space needs of your school.  Tyson Onsite classrooms are available in a variety of floor plans and sizes making it easy to find a solution that best fits your situation.  Our classroom design specialists will partner with you to create the most efficient educational space for your school and guide you through all phases of the portable classroom process.  The Tyson Onsite team consists of in-house classroom design and installation experts to ensure a turnkey process.

Permanent Education Solutions

Tyson Onsite offers a wide variety of permanent modular education facilities that provide a solution to the ever-changing space needs of our customers.  Our modular buildings provide solutions for classrooms, libraries, laboratories, dormitories, child care facilities, and administrative offices, just to name a few.  The Tyson Onsite design team is experienced in educational facilities and will partner with you to develop space that meets the needs of students, teachers, and staff. 

Modular buildings are a faster solution compared general construction methods because building stages can occur simultaneously as opposed to a set sequence.  Modular buildings are manufactured by Tyson Onsite allowing for site preparation to be completed during the design and build process. The modular sections are shipped and assembled on site.  The ability to complete the construction process in parallel results in a more cost effective and timely process.